Telkomsel, Indonesia; Reducing critical network incidents with 70%

We helped Telkomsel Indonesia implement a more proactive and resource efficient way of working with network performance. Using our Preemptive Support Service, they can stay one step ahead in the fast technology evolution and increase their competitive advantage.


One step ahead with Preemptive Support – Telkomsel Indonesia

Telkomsel is the world’s No.7 largest operator and No.1 in Indonesia. Ericsson provided Preemptive Services. During the first six months we helped the customer reducing 70% of critical network incidents and that has greatly improved end user satisfaction. The services enables Telkomsel’s operations team work in a more proactive style and their O&M efficiency has been improved.

The number one service provider in Indonesia

In the world’s 4th most populated country, competition is intense. Networks are becoming more complex and a change in ways of working from corrective to preventive in the network operations was necessary to avoid downtime and service degradations. To keep their position as the number one service provider in Indonesia, Telkomsel chose to call on our global experience when transforming its network operations to achieve better performance.

"The beauty of Preemptive Support service is change of processes. This brings big impact on the result. Our team is now working proactively. We have been able to reduce our critical incidents by 70% by staying a step ahead.". Paulus Djatmiko, VP Network Operations Management

Fixing network issues before they become network problems

Our Preemptive Support Services has been developed to help operators keep one step ahead of any emerging network issues to achieve better network performance. Working with early incident detection and prevention, tailored to an operator’s specific network conditions and business needs, will result in avoidance of revenue loss, an optimized task force and improved customer satisfaction.

The challenge

  • Very rapid MBB traffic growth
  • Higher subscriber expectations of network performance
  • Network performance impacted by growing technology and operational complexity

Stay a step ahead

The solution

  • Prediction and early detection to preempt network incidents
  • Collaboration between teams with Integrated customer and Ericsson operations process
  • Leveraged global expertise

Transform operations

The result

  • Reduced critical network incidents by 70%
  • Reduced Fault Management workload by 25%
  • Transform from reactive to proactive O&M

Priortize and stabalize

In a six-month period after the service was implemented, the cooperation between Telkomsel and us has resulted in a 70 percent reduction of critical network incidents, a 25 percent reduction of fault management workload and lower OPEX for our customer. A more effective use of resources and proactive teams have significantly improved the network quality and experience for the end-users in Indonesia. 

Preemptive Support

We help our customers shift to pro-active operations by providing actionable recommendations developed from our human expertise and machine learning models.

Support Services

Our Support Services combines technology leadership with a unique mix of global and local expertise to enable operators and enterprise customers to meet their business objectives.