GSMA Intelligence seminar – Private networks, Manuel Ruiz

Enterprise and industry communication needs are vital for their business, and the functionality of society and the economy. The consequences if communications are lost can mean loss of business, severe financial and reputational impacts, and even loss of life in public safety.

These types of industries are classified as critical industries, which require secure, reliable and high performance mobile communications.

Many service providers have already begun the journey from using existing specialist narrowband technologies, combined with best-effort commercial data services such as 3G, and have recognized the need to move to critical broadband networks built using 4G MC LTE technology, where all their applications (voice, data and video) can be hosted successfully on the same network, and with the ability to continuously leverage the latest advancements in 3GPP technologies such as 5G.

Market momentum is building across these industries, towards widespread adoption of critical broadband services. It is no longer a question of ’if’ but rather ’when’ and ’how’ these services are best deployed.

Listen to Manuel Ruiz, Global head of Mission critical and private networks on the latest in the private networks to get insights from the field on how market is developing and what it could look like going forward.