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Making smartphones into business phones

Ericsson and Cisco

Cisco and Ericsson to help you work better from your mobile phone

Business users are moving towards using their mobile phones as their primary business communication device. They use mobile communications in the office, at customer sites, while traveling and when working from home.

The Ericsson VoLTE for Unified Communication and Cisco’s business collaboration services such as Cisco Spark™ unified communications, messaging, and meetings have been combined to create a new solution for service providers’ business communication services.

This new joint Collaboration Mobile Convergence (CMC) solution leverages the performance of mobile networks to turn a mobile phone into a powerful enterprise-connected device. The solution provides telecom operators with a unique ability to deliver a rich set of differentiating services to enterprise customers.

Users will benefit from high-quality mobile calls via the regular phone dialer (native dialer), and collaboration capabilities via Cisco Spark. To further guarantee the best user experience for mobile business calls, seamless handover of voice calls across 2G, 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi accesses is supported via the mobile network. 

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  • 4.4 Billion smartphone subscriptions
  • VoLTE has now been launched in more than 125 networks in over 60 countries
  • The number of VoLTE subscriptions is expected to reach 5.5 billion in 2023

Source: Ericsson Mobility Report

Operator Benefits

This new solution is designed to help operators:

  • Offer attractive enterprise communication services
  • Differentiate themselves in the marketplace
  • Increase subscription service opportunities as a value-added service
  • Improved customer satisfaction, longer-term contracts, and extended customer loyalty
  • Reduce the cost for network integration and time to market.