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Get ready to unlock critical broadband networks for industries

New business models are emerging for industries. From owning and operating their own networks, industries with critical communication needs are now procuring private networks and services that leverage service providers’ existing network assets and operations – without compromising required local control.

Connecting the unconnected

With our technical innovations and services we can help you find sustainable and efficient ways to deliver mobile broadband to the 50% of the world’s population who are currently without internet connection.

Gigabit LTE

Ericsson delivers extreme app coverage for operators and end users alike by delivering Gigabit LTE and Elastic RAN, and new radio and microwave products within the Ericsson Radio System to meet the ever-growing needs and opportunities of the Networked Society.

Ericsson Lean Carrier

Our commitment to lead the industry in 5G research and development will also benefit today’s smartphone users on LTE networks using our new Lean Carrier solution.

Mobile broadband for everyone

In 2015, there were 3.6 billion mobile broadband subscriptions worldwide, corresponding to a penetration rate of less than 50% of world population. We expect mobile broadband subscriptions to more than double from now to 2021, adding 4.1 billion new connections worldwide, which of course represent a great potential for mobile operators.

5G Plug‑Ins

To facilitate a rapid evolution of 5G access networks and the successful adoption of 5G services, we have announced 5G Plug-Ins - software-driven innovations that bring essential 5G technology concepts to today's cellular networks.