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The world is changing. With the introduction of 5G we are enabling new services, new ecosystems and new revenue streams. The Ericsson 5G core system is designed to enable business innovation at an unprecedented scale. Our end-to-end tested solution will accelerate your move to 5G, enabling you to start introducing new business models and create new revenue streams already now.

Ericsson 5G core system

With the Ericsson 5G core system we have built an architecture that is highly flexible, modular and scalable. It is managed and orchestrated end-to-end and programmable on many levels. Ericsson 5G core system is designed to execute state of the art network applications optimized for deployment in both central and distributed cloud environments. It is built on cloud native design principles, enabling business innovation at an unprecedented scale. Combined, network slicing, NFV, SDN, Distributed Cloud and applications enable network assets that provide agile innovation, so you can quickly react to new challenges and capture new business opportunities.

Ericsson's 5G platform diagram

The elements of our 5G core system

NFV Infrastructure

NFV Infrastructure

Ericsson NFVi pre-integrates the latest cloud and open source technologies, including software-defined infrastructure, support for network slicing, and automated orchestration, into a standards-based telco-grade platform ready for 5G.

Distributed Cloud

Distributed Cloud

With distributed cloud we expand the possibilities of edge computing by evolving our NFVI solution to include edge computing and container management capabilities creating a unified approach across centralized and distributed sites. This approach is essential in enabling new 5G and IoT use cases.

Network Slicing

Network Slicing

Network slicing is a powerful virtualization capability. One of the key capabilities is that it will enable flexibility through multiple logical networks, created on top of a common shared physical infrastructure. It enables you to deploy the services you need, where you need and when you need them.

5G Core

5G Core

The Ericsson Cloud Core solutions for 5G delivers cloud native applications that supports both 5G EPC and the 5GC architectures. It's an evolution of our powerful virtualized portfolio, designed for cloud deployment, consisting of our Cloud Packet Core and Cloud UDM and Policy products.

The case for change

A slice of 5G serving global customers: SK Telecom demonstrates 5G Federated Network Slicing, securing network performance across borders.

Swisscom prepares for the future with virtualized core, demonstrating significant savings and valuable learnings moving towards 5G.

Docomo NFV live experiences: World first vEPC on ETSI-NFV architecture, targeting 75% of assetts running on NFV infrastructure by 2020.

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