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5G roadmap for operators – where do you stand today?

Have you taken the first steps on the road to 5G transformation? That road travels through uncharted territory, but you don’t have to travel alone.

With Ericsson as your 5G transformation partner, you have a guide to radically new business models, markets and revenue streams. Based on your goals, you can choose from a range Ericsson 5G Network Services. 

We conducted 50 interviews with operators across the globe to understand where they stand on the road to 5G


100% are already defining 5G use cases


80% will initiate 5G trials in 2017


89% will use a virtualized core before 5G deployment

The 5G roadmap for your networks – find your way to new revenue

5G Roadmap for Operators

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A complete 5G portfolio backed up with professional services

Do you see 5G on the horizon? We'll help you get there

5G Business Case & Investment

Build a clear use-case roadmap for your profitable 5G business.

5G Operator Go-To-Market Strategy

Plan for segmentation, pricing, offering, sales, marketing and customer service.

5G Network Roll-Out Services

Use streamlined processes and cloud based automation platform to realize your revenue faster.

5G Network Planning and Design Readiness

Design, plan and rollout your massive density 5G network.

5G Core Network Transformation Services

Identify your goals and transform to a 5G-ready core network.

5G Support Services

Build a proactive network operation plan powered by Engineered Intelligence.

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Massive MIMO – Boosting network throughput

Our expanded 5G Massive MIMO portfolio now includes a new FDD radio. Let us show you how to increase the network capacity with up to 3 times, and boost the user throughput with up to 5 times, using today’s mid-bands spectrum, serving needs and demands of today’s video intense lifestyle and be ready for 5G.

Capture the 5G business potential

5G is expected to play a major role in industry digitalization. For telecom operators this is an USD 619 billion revenue opportunity by 2026. Learn more about the 5G business potential across 10 industries in the second edition of our report.

Engineered Intelligence

Is Artificial Intelligence on its own enough? Find out how we combine human ingenuity and machine learning to enable agility, network efficiency and enriched customer experiences. Our results are already proven in live networks across the globe.

Building 5G networks

As with past mobile generations, leading operators are keen to gain a first-mover advantage in 5G. Working with these operators, Ericsson is leading the development of new 5G technologies to ensure early success and enable rapid adoption of 5G-enabled applications.

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