High performance antennas with ultra-compact form-factor

Antenna System New Platform Architecture

With our New Platform Architecture (NPA) we offer a high-performance modular antenna portfolio for cost effective 5G site modernization. Our goal is to deliver innovative antenna systems for further integration of Active Radios to provide best performance, coverage and capacity towards complex 5G sites in urban, dense urban, sub-urban and rural scenarios.

Different customer needs - different solutions

Our New Platform Architecture is a modular approach to optimally address all our customers' needs. With three widths: 378mm, 448mm and 488mm we offer our customers with a complete package, from ultra-compact site space optimized solutions to high gain capacity/coverage enhancing solutions. Our antenna portfolio offers a comprehensive height range starting from 1.5m to 2.6m as well as a wide port count range from 8 ports up to 21 ports.

Innovative vortex generators provide up to ~30% lower wind load and smaller form factor reduces weight by ~25% resulting in lower operational site expenses

We were the first in the market with this compact 378mm form factor for multi-band antennas with 2 side-by-side low-band arrays.

Different types of our Antenna System New Platform Architecture

Our benefits

Complete site solution

Combined powerful portfolio of industry leading antennas and radios resulting in an
optimized site solutions - covering dense urban to rural and remote areas.

Cost optimization

Space-optimized site solution by integrating antennas and radios. Lower operational site expenses with ~30% less wind load and ~25% lower weight.


State-of-the-art 2G-5G active/passive antenna integrated solutions. Optimal pairing of radios to antennas resulting in a better RF performance.


Industry leading antenna quality resulting in less down time on sites and high customer satisfaction. Sustainable high antenna quality and PIM performance.

World’s smallest antenna with true broadband side-by-side lowband array

  • 12 Port (4x698-960MHz, 4x1427-2690MHz, 4x1695-2690MHz)
  • Revolutionary leap from 508mm to 378mm while maintaining great RF performance
  • L-band for supplemental downlink
  • Optimal side lobe behavior through advanced dipole feeding concept
  • Reduced tower rental costs thanks to:
    • 25% less weight (compared to current platform) – TCO
    • 30% less wind load (compared to current platform) – TCO
    • Relaxed tower construction (statics benefit) – TCO
  • Avoiding PIM caused by frequency combination of 700/800/900 MHz
  • Two lowband arrays offer the possibility to run 700 MHz (and 900 MHz) on one array and 800 MHz on the other array in order to avoid possible PIM issues.
  • Increased data throughput at no additional antenna cost
  • The previous 378 platform (only 1 lowband array) can be easily replaced by introducing the new 378 platform (2 lowband arrays) by having the benefit of running 4T4R MIMO on the lowband.
Example 378mm platform of the Antenna System New Platform Architecture

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