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Networks change and grow over time – and at Ericsson, we have created solutions for almost every network scenario and need (and that means, a lot of hardware and software!).   

By applying the 3Cs - Capacity, Compact and Coverage, our customers can streamline their choices to quickly identify the best fit for their network.

Each product in the Ericsson Radio System portfolio fits under at least one, and often two, of the three categories - Capacity, Compact and Coverage.   The 3Cs are therefore a useful tool for quickly identifying which products fit the requirements of the customer’s network.


Bearing the load of your busy network


Delivering performance when you are tight on space


Connecting your  customers, wherever they are

Capacity solutions

Proof point:  Capacity

When your network is crowded and usage is heavy in a particular area, you need a robust Capacity solution that can handle anything. These high-performers meet a variety of needs; dense urban crowds are no match for these heavyweights. They can juggle everyone’s requirements, from commuters streaming on the move to evolving use cases like connected and driverless vehicles. If you need robust hardware that can handle heavy loads without crumbling under the pressure, you need a Capacity solution. 

Compact solutions

Proof point: Compact

Small but mighty, Compact solutions make the most of the available space. When you need to deliver robust connectivity in a small space, size really matters. Compact sites can range from factory floors to underground mines, offices to airports and even urban canyons – anywhere that you need a made-to-measure solution. They are perfect for private networks and could be either very simple or designed to meet complex requirements. You wouldn’t even know they are there, and that’s the point! 

Coverage solutions

Proof point:  Coverage

From remote countryside to sleepy suburbia, our Coverage solutions with their far reach are the right choice for bringing essential connectivity to wide areas with lighter traffic.  Maybe your customer enjoys scrolling through social media in the park near their suburban home. Maybe they took that off-road shortcut and need to call their nearest neighbor to help rescue their car again. If you need to cast the widest net possible to keep all kinds of users connected, then you need a Coverage solution. These can be set up high to cast the widest net, reaching across those areas where you might expect to see a little less traffic. 

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Our full Ericsson Radio System portfolio

The Ericsson Radio System delivers radio access products and functionality to deliver high performance 5G networks.  The platform consists of Capacity, Coverage, and Compact solutions for radio, transport, antennas, and RAN Compute.  

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