Take cellular IoT to the next level

Curious about considerations to deploy 5G for advanced IoT use cases?

Evolving Cellular IoT for industry digitalization

As industries continue to push the boundaries of wireless technologies, new opportunities are opening for service providers within cellular IoT connectivity.

At Ericsson, we’ve set our vision for the evolution of cellular IoT. Our new offerings within cellular IoT will enable service providers to address a larger part of the IoT market – with more advanced use cases, across multiple industries. Broadband IoT and Industrial Automation IoT are launched as new segments, to complement the existing segments Massive IoT and Critical IoT. We’ve also enhanced our Massive IoT offering which, together with new Broadband IoT solutions, are designed to leverage new capabilities across 4G and 5G – connecting service providers with new growth opportunities in industry digitalization. 

Cellular IoT is evolving

Check out the cellular IoT evolution concept about expanding from Massive IoT towards Broadband IoT, Critical IoT, and Industrial Automation IoT.

“As 4G was the era of the smartphone so we expect 5G to be the era of IoT. We have already seen extraordinary growth in Vodafone’s IoT technology capability in recent years with the introduction of network technologies like NB-IoT and C-V2X, and welcome Ericsson’s drive for further technology development to help meet the growing demands of consumers and businesses.”. - Luke Ibbetson, Vodafone Group Head of Technology R&D

Evolving cellular IoT for industry digitalization

Find out how Ericsson’s cellular IoT solutions enable service providers to tap in to new opportunities within industries including automotive, manufacturing and utilities.

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Pick up the evolution of cellular IoT from basic and less demanding use cases to extremely demanding use cases for industrial automation.

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Key insights

What is NB-IoT?

Find out how to optimize its business potential.

NB-IoT vs. Cat-M1

Get to know the difference between the two technologies.

IoT in the car

Want to have easy and fun connected family trips?

eHealth and IoT

Monitoring heartbeats and diabetes is just the beginning.

Lifesaving drones

Emergency! We need a drone with a defibrillator!


Spotlight on the Internet of Things

This special edition of the Ericsson Technology Review focuses on IoT opportunities and challenges as a fundamental cornerstone in digitalization of both industry and society. Read more about how 5G and IoT are intertwined and how 5G supports IoT in all forms, and more insights in this special Ericsson Technology Review.

Review image

Transforming transportation with 5G

Connected car technology brings great value to manufacturers and drivers and addresses the growing cellular connectivity needs of this industry sector.

Read more about driving transformation in the automotive and road transport ecosystem with 5G in the latest edition of the Ericsson Technology Review.

5G-TSN integration for industrial automation

Industrial Automation IoT is the bridge between 5G networks and industrial systems. 5G-TSN integration meets networking requirements for more advanced industrial automation.

Read more about how TSN together with 5G URLLC capabilities enable Industry 4.0 in the latest edition of the Ericsson Technology Review.

Learn more about Critical IoT, Broadband IoT and Massive IoT as well as Industrial Automation IoT definition in our Cellular IoT Evolution for Industry Digitalization white paper.

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Learn more about how our innovations help address new opportunities


Ericsson and Telstra complete ground-breaking long-range NB-IoT connection

Ericsson and Telstra have successfully deployed and tested Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) data connections up to 100km from a base-station in Telstra’s commercial network.

Cellular IoT enables smart Factories

Enabling factory automation by applying the latest cellular IoT technology improves efficiency and results.

Empowering a smart society

With the ambition to make its Internet of Things (IoT) business objectives a reality, Dialog Axiata partnered with Ericsson to upgrade its network, resulting in the launch of South Asia’s first Massive IoT commercial network.

Ericsson is leading in cellular IoT

Our customer and partner engagement cover worldwide. Explore examples of our cases here below for:

-      Massive IoT

-      Broadband IoT

-      Critical IoT

-      Industrial Automation IoT


Massive IoT

  • 50% of commercial networks (RAN)
  • 40% of commercial networks (Packet Core)
  • First Cat-M1 networks (AT&T, Verizon)
  • First NB-IoT extended cell range 100km (Telstra) (DISH)
  • First Massive IoT enabled Smart factory (China Mobile)
  • Ericsson automated smart factory operational in China (News, Case)
  • Ericsson ramps up digitalization and production at European factories (News)

Broadband IoT

  • Drone solutions (AT&T, Vodafone)
  • Canadian drone test uses LTE network to deliver defibrillators (News)
  • Smarter wireless manufacturing joint solution with PTC
  • Private LTE for Mining (Ambra)
  • Private virtualized networks for Industrial 4.0 (Telefonica)
  • Network slicing for train applications (Swisscom)
  • LTE network in Canadian mine (Ambra)
  • 5G car manufacturing in Germany (Vodafone, e.GO)

Critical IoT

Industrial Automation IoT

Our cellular IoT offerings

Cellular IoT Solution

A range of enhanced functionalities and new solutions for cellular IoT segments.

Network Services for Massive IoT

Commercial IoT networks are now a reality, and our broad range of offerings for cellular technology is now complemented with Network Services for Massive IoT over LTE RAN. Create the best solution for Massive IoT with our complete set of services and products. 

Learn more about our portfolio for more products and services

Unlock critical broadband networks for governments and industries

New business models are emerging for industries. From owning and operating their own networks, industries with critical communication needs are now procuring private networks and services that leverage service providers’ existing network assets and operations – without compromising required local control.

IoT Accelerator Platform

An IoT platform for rapid deployment, innovation and ecosystem collaboration

Ericsson Evolved Packet Core

Our widely deployed Evolved Packet Core solutions are designed to provide reliability and scalability, giving the flexibility needed to meet the growing demand for new services and expand into new markets.

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