FWA deployments across the globe


Verizon expanding 5G Home offering Chicago launched October 24

  • Addresses two customer segments:
    • Existing wireless customers (USD 50/month)
    • New wireless customers (USD 70/month)
  • No monthly data limit
  • Typical speeds of 300 Mbps and, depending on location, maximum speeds up to 1Gbps with the first commercially available Wi-Fi 6 router
  • Setup 5G Home Internet yourself with and app for Android or iOS, or Verizon will do it for you
  • Uses indoor or outdoor CPE, depending on signal strength
  • Service is free for 3 months incl. YouTube TV and the choice of a free Amazon Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Stick 4K, or an Android-powered Stream TV 4K box

Network | 5G NR specification launched in new market | 28 GHz with 400 MHz bandwidth (expanding to 800 MHz) | *5G TF specification (migrating to 5G NR 2020) 
*Four primary markets: Sacramento, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Houston, TX; and Indianapolis, IN


AT&T 5G Hotspot offering launched December, 2018

  • Targeting 12 primary markets: Jacksonville, FL; Atlanta, GA; Indianapolis, IN; Louisville, KY;New Orleans, LA;
  • Charlotte and Raleigh, NC; Oklahoma City, OK; Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Waco TX
  • Offers 15 GB of data for USD 70/month
  • Requires a NETGEAR Nighthawk® 5G Mobile Hotspot (USD 499) as the first device connected
  • Initially limited to preselected customers and will be provided for free for at least 90 days

Network | 5G NR | 39 GHz | Roams across LTE and 5G


Entel Chile offering launched March 2018

  • Targeting suburban areas with limited Fixed Broadband penetration
  • Two customer offerings, USD 30/month
    • Plan Simple up to 10 Mbps unlimited data with indoor CPE, sign-up fee USD 30 with USD 3.50 CPE rental fee
    • Plan Pro up to 30 Mbps unlimited data with outdoor CPE, installation cost USD 45 with USD 4.50 CPE rental fee
  • Various double and triple play offerings e.g. adding telephony + USD 7
  • Television (Satellite TV 88 channels + 36 HD) + USD 26

* Entel promotion on home offering comes with 25% discount the first 6 months.

Network | LTE TDD 3.5 GHz with 50 MHz bandwidth (3CC: 20+20+10) | Launched the first M-MIMO network in Latin America |Q1 2019 reaching some 600 sites 


Telia Estonia FWA offering launched in 2016

  • Home internet offering for areas not serviced with fiber services (typically suburban)
  • Two customer offerings:
    • DL/UL speeds of 5/1 Mbps unlimited data for EUR 16/month
    • DL/UL speeds of 20/5 Mbps unlimited data for EUR 21/month
  • Basic TV package for + EUR 6/month
  • Over 25 channels (linear and on-demand), movies
  • CPE with external antenna (optional)
  • Option to buy or rent CPE
  • Same set-top box (STB) as fiber offering
  • End-to-end quality of service using STB management tool

Network | LTE | 2.6 GHz with 40 MHz bandwidth | 1.8 GHz with 20 MHz bandwidth | 800 MHz with 10 MHz bandwidth | Carrier aggregation

* Telia Estonia promotion for home internet includes first month for free.


MTN South Africa FWA offering launched September, 2019

  • FWA service is sold through MTN commercial channels and external ISPs. Initial launch started in September through SuperSonic (MTN Owned ISP), complement to fiber offering
  • FWA packages are offered at competitive prices, 25% to 35% less than the average prices of competitors
    • 120GB, Day 60GB and Night 60GB for USD 27
    • 200GB, Day 100GB and Night 100GB for USD 40
    • 300GB, Day 150GB and Night 150GB for USD 54
  • CPE sold as locked to a address/area for USD 4,60 per month for 24 months or buy one for USD 114
  • Availability checked through address lookup
  • FWA is enabled nation wide using Ericsson core and charging system with the relevant QoS parameters.

Network | LTE only FWA network no fallback to 3G | Same LTE carriers as MBB: 1800MHz, and 2100MHz | Separate QoS Class Identifier (QCI) for FWA enabled CPEs (QCI 128), less priority compared to MBB users


NBN Australia NBN offering launched in 2012

  • Wholesale bitstream Ethernet service targeting 600 000 homes in regional and remote Australia where the economics of fixed line technologies are less favorable
  • Three wholesale offerings, currently DL/UL speeds of 12/1 Mbps, 25/5 Mbps and 25-50/5-20 Mbps.
  • CPE with external antenna to meet minimum service quality requirements
  • NBN Co owns the CPE as it is the wholesale Network Termination Device
  • It presents a layer 2 bitstream ethernet service towards the retail service providers residential modem / gateway
  • Professional installation is used in 100% of cases

Network | LTE TDD | 3.4 GHz with 60-95 MHz bandwidth | 2.3 GHz with 60-95 MHz bandwidth | Carrier aggregation