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Private Networks for industries

Industrial digitalization has created a great demand for local private networks. Using our leading LTE and 5G technology, we deliver standalone and integrated Private Networks for reliable high-performance, secure communications, fulfilling business-critical and mission-critical needs.

Private networks for industries

Enable industry digitalization with flexible deployment for various verticals such as Airport, Mining, Utility, Manufacturing. Secure communication with full control of coverage, devices and Quality of Services


New business models are emerging for industries. From owning and operating their own networks, industries with critical communication needs are now procuring private networks and services that leverage service providers’ existing network assets and operations – without compromising required local control.

Industrial digitalization has created a high demand for local private networks. Using our leading LTE and 5G technology, we deliver standalone and integrated Private Networks. These provide reliable, high-performance, secure communications, fulfilling business-critical and mission-critical needs. Our solutions enable the integration of sensors, machines, in-vehicle, and hand-held devices across a wide range of applications for industry enterprises.

With our Private Networks solutions, we help communication service providers create growth by maximizing their existing network and spectrum assets through flexible deployment models. The solutions can be tailored to a range of scenarios including: indoor and outdoor, data and voice, standalone or integrated with public networks.

We are deploying large-scale 4G and 5G Private Networks in multiple countries and applying 5G for advanced industries. Our Private Networks solutions are enhanced with Edge computing and network slicing, and are adapted according to specific service providers’ needs.



5G critical private networks and cloud-based operational business systems will enable airports and airlines to carry out their digital transformation.


Private networks enable the remote control of machines and smart ventilation - probably the two most crucial business cases for improving safety and efficiency in mine.


Industrial automation in manufacturing or Industry 4.0 is the next Industrial Revolution. 5G and Private Networks are enabling industrial automation to seamlessly create a network of machines and people that are wirelessly connected and can instantaneously collect, analyze, and distribute real-time data.

ABI Research shares insights for smart manufacturing and warehousing operations with cellular connectivity.


Private Networks and 5G applications are crucial to ports and harbors. They enable the transformation of traditional harbors into smart, automated, modernized operations.

Oil and gas

Private network deployments of communication and application innovations to the off-shore industry will develop solutions that increase effectiveness, productivity, welfare and safety for the platforms, drilling rigs and general workforce offshore.


Utilities face a dramatic business and technological transformation. Power, communications, transportation, infrastructure and even public safety have become interconnected and interdependent through Private Networks and the intelligent grid.

Key offerings

Ericsson Private Networks

Enables business-critical and mission-critical industrial use cases with 4G and 5G connectivity. Offers scalable and highly reliable solutions for industries through service providers.

Enterprise Core

Enables standalone data connectivity for industries and enterprises, solving the mobility needs of a wide range of sectors from public safety and mission-critical IoT to transport and utilities.

Managed Services

Using AI and automation for highly efficient operations of private networks and fulfill the next level of mission and business critical network requirements.

Mission Critical Applications

Enables mission-critical and business-critical users, such ambulance and industries to evolve from today´s Land Mobile Radio (LMR) based Push-to-talk to advanced mobile broadband services.


China smart factory

Nanjing factory now among the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the world with the Chinese market set to be the major beneficiary. Every step of production modernized and cellular IoT, Industry 4.0 and AI tools and technologies implemented. Next-generation smart manufacturing fast-tracked through a modular and flexible production setup in Ericsson factories around the world

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DT campus network

German service provider Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson have announced a strategic campus networks partnership to address the growing market demand in Germany for mobile solutions at industrial sites.

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Smart factory Texas

Ericsson’s USD 100 million next-generation smart manufacturing factory in the United States will be located in Lewisville, Texas, a suburb close to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Ericsson’s North America headquarters in Plano.

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