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Ericsson Network Roll-Out saves time and boosts quality, giving operators the tools to create a smarter network and deliver the best user experience.

Reinventing network deployment: New ideas for old challenges

With the rapid evolution of 5G, operators need to optimize and upgrade their networks quickly and smoothly. Ericsson’s Network Roll-out is the answer.

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With combined technical expertise, innovation and efficiency, Ericsson’s Network Roll-Out services provides operators with the tools to create a smarter network and deliver the very best user experience. Operators who leverage these services benefit from improvements in speed, quality and predictability of deployment.

Ericsson’s Network Roll-Out services are enabled by:

Network Deployment Delivery Platform

Industries first industrialized delivery platform for roll-out services. The platform is a next generation tool kit comprised of multiple elements and spans the entire roll-out project lifecycle. This facilitates easy to execute on-site quality and integration checks using a smartphone app, and integrated tools.

Optimized supply chain

To meet the needs of operators, tasks such as installing equipment, cabinet, cabling, loading software and gathering license information are performed in an Ericsson controlled environment. This is delivered just in time to site, improving quality, and reducing time to roll-out a site.

Remote Activities

Remote activities takes real-time control of the roll-out. This solution makes use of our proprietary live video streaming solution. This is enabled by a remote infrastructure including remotely located skilled teams that support the on-site field workforce. Remote Activities have shown to lower costs while improving quality and reducing cycle time.

Taking advantages of these new innovations, we are able to streamline the process for network roll-out enabling operators to guarantee customers, the best service quality, reduce Total Cost of Ownership and cut time to revenue generation.

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