Network efficiency

Increasing Network complexity directly relates to the increase in operational expenditure to run and manage the networks. Explore how we are using Artificial Intelligence to augment the human capabilities to improve the efficiency and help operators manage the OPEX.

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Connected technician

Connected technician platform is a combination of multiple automation tools in our suite, namely, Ericsson work flow management tool EriSite, Ericsson Site integrator, Radio call testing, Remote acceptance, and Ericsson Radio site analytics. The connected technician empowers the field services personnel to complete the complex build and even trouble shooting procedures in a matter of few clicks of the hand-held devices.

Network Intelligence augmented reality

Augmented Reality (AR) Assistant for ERS

AR Assistance uses object detection to recognize Ericsson hardware and provides on-screen repair instructions by accessing site analytics intelligence and network knowledge repository to look for previously found similar issues and solutions. At the step of installation or repair, AI techniques such as reasoning and semantic web are applied for fast extraction of detailed instructions from thousands of pages in Ericsson’s product information to provide technicians with a step-by-step guide.

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Network planning boosted by AI

We use Artificial Intelligence to design the Elastic RAN for the networks. In ERAN we are designing towards an architecture which is a mix of transport and radio network. Unlike traditional design methodology, where the output is cell site location, in ERAN the goal is to group sites in same baseband in an intelligent way to enable the benefits of desired features.