Network Intelligence & Automation products and launches

Network Support Services

Is a zero-defect network vision integral to your business success? Our new network support services help operators to transform their network operations management and be proactive; freeing up time to introduce new technologies such as virtualization, Internet of Things and 5G.

Engineered Intelligence

Is artificial intelligence smart enough to on its own solve real world problems? Our approach of Engineered Intelligence is based on the belief that combining human ingenuity and machine capabilities creates the best solutions; solutions that will allow operators to win on the market.

Ericsson Network Roll-Out

With the rapid evolution of 5G, operators need to optimize and upgrade their networks quickly and smoothly. Ericsson’s Network Roll-out is the answer.

Experience Centric Managed Services

We're leading the way using our insights and experience to develop an innovative service solution that addresses the disconnect between network performance and customer experience and the consumer's perception of service performance.

Smart networks

Our world is more connected than ever, and still we are only in the beginning of the Networked Society that is opening up new opportunities that were unimaginable just a few years ago.

User and IoT Data Analytics

Embedded subscriber database analytics help operators improve internal efficiency and monetize data assets, while exploring new cross-vertical Internet of Things (IoT) applications.