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Increasing capacity and coverage where it matters most

Network performance drives consumer loyalty. Operators worldwide need to plan now for gaps in their service, including areas a macro network is unable to reach.

Small cells are flourishing, as operators begin to realize the value of boosting connectivity both indoors and outdoors. By delivering superior connectivity to areas previously underserved by the macro network, small cells enable subscribers to receive a seamless and robust service.

For us, the end user experience is key, and with small cells, it’s simple: a cost-effective and future-proof solution that delivers performance and reliability, whenever and wherever it’s required. 

Flexible and future-proof. Our small cell technology is changing the game for indoor coverage, providing coverage and capacity that expands alongside your business. Here’s how small cells play a vital role in meeting tomorrow’s indoor coverage demands.

Infographic: 5G radio dot

Key solutions

Superior indoor coverage with 5G Radio Dot

Introducing the much-anticipated Ericsson 5G Radio Dot – unleashing the high-capacity and lightning-fast indoor coverage people are waiting for.

Ericsson Radio Dot System

The Ericsson Radio Dot system is designed to address both consumer and business user’s performance expectations indoors and to remove broadband capacity bottlenecks in large buildings. The Radio Dot features an innovative antenna element that, together with a distributed architecture with centralized baseband, enables the provision of high-level mobile broadband coverage for different kinds of users and spaces.

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Lightpole Site Slim

This invisible radio site lets small cells complement the macro network to provide better coverage in urban areas. The streetlight pole blends in with the environment and allows for reuse of existing equipment.

Ericsson RBS 6402

The RBS 6402 is a high performance indoor Pico Cell offering three standards (LTE, WCDMA and Wi-Fi), 10 frequency bands and up to 300 Mbps LTE carrier aggregation. The flexibility, cost-effectiveness and performance in a tablet-sized footprint make it optimal for smaller buildings.

Ericsson Indoor Planner

Ericsson Indoor Planner is a tool for designing the indoor/in-building environment for 3GPP coverage using indoor solutions. The main focus is the high level design and quotation that is normally performed in initial sales activities. It answers the need to have a fast and accurate view on desired indoor coverage and capacity.

Network capacity planning to increase bandwidth in China

As China Unicom's strategic partner, Ericsson is providing the technology behind China's first Gigabit LTE network. Ericsson’s Radio Dot System is allowing consumers and industry to take the first step towards 5G.

5G Radio Dot



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