The key role of microwave: an industry view on the matter

Judging by the feedback from these service providers, 5G and microwave most definitely go hand in hand.

Industry insights on the importance of microwave

In this film, representatives from four operators describe the role of microwave in their overall 5G strategy today and in the future. In this film interview, experts from Turkcell, Orange Global, GCI Liberty, and Cable & Wireless Communications, describe some of the major challenges they are experiencing in their network evolution as well as how Ericsson is helping them secure success through microwave adoption.

What's the true significance of microwave? We ask several service providers how microwave is used in the networks of today and tomorrow. They outline the network evolution challenges they face, and reveal how microwave fits into their overall 5G strategy. Watch the video.

2019 Report

In this year's report, we look into the current developments as well as trends and insights up until 2025 in the microwave industry. The report also discusses in detail different technologies like MIMO, E-band that enable the required high capacities, now and in the future.


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Ericsson’s market-leading, powerful and cost-efficient microwave radio system bringing up to 10Gbps capacity with superior performance to 5G NR sites where time to market and cost are factors.

Router 6000

The industry’s highest performance 5G router(s), eliminates the backhaul bottleneck with 10/100Gbps capacity, in a form factor that avoids stranded ports. Designed as part of the Ericsson Radio System, Router 6000 enables superior RAN performance with 5G features not found in any other router on the market today.

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