Small Cell Solutions for Citizen’s Broadcast Radio Service (CBRS)

Ericsson’s Small Cells product portfolio delivers the most flexible and high-powered solutions in the industry.


The 3.5GHz CBRS band will be used to improve wireless broadband access and performance in the US. Comprising 150 MHz of 3.5 GHz shared spectrum, the CBRS band has been used by the federal government for radar systems and commercial fixed satellite systems.

To ensure fair sharing, a three-tier usage model has been defined to make additional spectrum available for wireless broadband use while ensuring interference protection and uninterrupted use by the incumbent users. This model coordinates spectrum access among the preexisting military radars and satellite ground stations and new commercial users. The three tiers are: Incumbent, Priority Access License (PAL), and General Authorized Access (GAA) users.

In order to determine priority and deliver interference protection, CBRS networks will include a Spectrum Access System (SAS). A SAS maintains a database of all CBRS base stations, formally referred to as Citizens Broadband Radio Service Devices (CBSDs), including their tier status, geographical location, and other pertinent information to coordinate channel assignments and manage potential interferences. Ericsson works with the leading SAS vendors to deliver superior CBRS solutions.

CBRS use cases

CBRS enables both traditional service providers and alternative operators/new industry entrants to deliver LTE services. Cable Operators, enterprises, manufacturers, etc. can expand their offerings and deliver LTE networks to their customers, employees, and patrons.

Enterprises can use the CBRS spectrum for private, secure LTE networks previously dependent on Wi-Fi technology. In-building coverage, custom applications and other use cases can now be offloaded by network owners with significantly better performance and advanced security solutions. Private LTE networks can also leverage the CBRS spectrum for IoT connectivity in an optimized, highly reliable, low latency, on-premise solution.

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CBRS Report

Download the Ericsson-sponsored Senza Fili analyst report here, discussing why operators, enterprises and industries alike should adopt CBRS.

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Key solutions

Ericsson Radio Dot System

Our ultra compact indoor CBRS solutions that is discreet and easy to install, offering dual-radio CBRS and radio and power over a LAN cable.

Ericsson Micro Radio 2208

Small cell CBRS solution in a sleek, compact formfactor, suitable for a variety of outdoor deployments.

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