Lightpole Site Slim – An innovative small cell solution

According to the Ericsson Mobility Report 2016, cellular data traffic is expected to grow nine times by 2020, placing a unique demand on mobile network operators to provide the necessary infrastructure and density required to serve the market. On top of this, operators are struggling to acquire new cell sites in public areas to provide the best possible mobile broadband coverage for their customers.
Lightpole Site Slim Small cell solutions

The Ericsson small cell solutions and Lightpole Site Slim solves this problem by integrating into any streetscape with minimal visual impact, through availability in different heights, colors and styles. Operators are then able to rent space in the connected light poles to densify their networks and provide citizens with increased broadband connection points.

The Lightpole Site Slim integrates Philips’ energy efficient LED lighting with Ericsson’s leading small cell technology, including the micro Radio 2203 and 2205 solutions, along with the Baseband 6502, all part of the Ericsson Radio System, to enable high-speed broadband connectivity.