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It's about coping with the constant pressure for efficiency gains and opex reductions, and at the same time shortening time to market for new offerings and innovations that will drive tomorrow's revenues.

Enabling agility and efficiency means doing more with less resources and in less time.

Our solution is a virtualized and software-defined network, combined with a hyperscale data center solution, that automates key processes and optimizes itself in real time as the conditions change.

Product launches

Network Functions Virtualization

Network Functions Virtualization

Our verified and open NFVi solution combined with a proven track record of successful NFV Transformation projects supported by global experience in Network Function Virtualization transformation services and knowledge. Ericsson introduce a complete offering in NFVi supporting multiple deployment scenarios and strategies.

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Hyperscale Now

Ericsson uses automated, governed and secure software-defined infrastructure to help customers to industrialize datacenters, scale without risk and transform their business.

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Microwave backhaul links can be used as accurate, high resolution rainfall measurement tools to create additional revenue streams for operators”

Ericsson Mobility Report

What we do to enable agility and efficiency

As the Networked Society matures, the need for industrialized cloud infrastructure increases. Alongside our existing operator customer base, we are ideally positioned to deliver this industrialized infrastructure, solving the real challenges from a cloud perspective.

Highlighted offerings:

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Ericsson Virtual Evolved Packet Core

Ericsson is industrializing NFV for improved deployment flexibility, built for the most demanding environments. Ericsson's virtual EPC provides tested and validated solutions addressing a large number of vertical use-cases thereby opening up new operator opportunities.

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Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Our SDN portfolio goes beyond the SDN controller products and comprehensive transformation services. Ericsson also offers pre-integrated solutions for service providers that build on a combination of Ericsson products, services and third party products.

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Network and Cloud Management

Our Cloud Management and Orchestration offering includes Ericsson Cloud Manager and Ericsson Network Manager.

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Telstra tests high-speed optical encryption in live network

Telstra teamed up with Ericsson and Ciena to evaluate the latest encryption technology across a 200 Gbps optical network link. Learn about the success of the trial in this video

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Trends and insights

ICT data center

Hyperscale cloud – reimagining the data center

Hyperscale data centers are smarter, more flexible and enable totally new ways of running services and applications – our white paper reveals how.

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Paving the way to telco-grade PaaS

PaaS provides the building blocks for automated testing, continuous deployment, as well as supporting the DevOps approach, and as such simplifies the development process and reduces time to market.


Network Slicing

Network slicing is one of the key capabilities that will enable flexibility, as it allows multiple logical networks to be created on top of a common shared physical infrastructure.


Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) will help speed up the introduction of new services, as well as improve efficiency when building and operating networks. To run Virtualized Network Functions efficiently there is a need for a Cloud infrastructure, which is open and standardized. OPNFV will be the basis to ensure the benefits of virtualization in a multi-vendor environment.

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Management and orchestration

As networks become increasingly virtualized and programmable, the orchestration of services must be automated across the network domains: core, transport and radio. Hybrid networks, combining both virtualized and legacy (non-virtualized) nodes, will for a long period of time be the norm and this is a complex task. Management and orchestration software will enable the flexible management and monetization of cloud services/virtualized functions.

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Software-defined networking

SDN brings the power of programmability and automation to networks. Ericsson's approach to SDN is to make it a reality for service providers – transforming networks into an agile, on demand, and application-responsive entity. We enable software-defined agility.

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NFV in practice

Find out how our experts view the benefits that NFV will bring and how to begin the transformation journey.

5G Heroes - changing the world

Connectivity will never be the same. Meet 5G Hero NTT DOCOMO and learn about the tests and trials as they move towards a 5G future.

SK Telecom, a 5G hero changing the world

Meet the 5G heroes at SK Telecom, see our collaborative efforts on the new 5G technology and the network slicing proof of concept. Learn about the impressive trial results where our radio access products are tested for low latency and throughputs of up to 27 Gbps.

Swisscom, Switzerland: Preparing for the future

“Ericsson’s solution is designed to meet the needs of operators in the long term. Its solid foundations allow us to deploy a mobile core network capable of meeting all the requirements of 5G.” Sébastien Grognuz, Enterprise Architect, Swisscom