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Design your 5G business strategy

5G will bring new level of performance and characteristics to the telecom networks enabling new services, new ecosystems and new revenue streams. To leverage the power of 5G technologies, telecom operators need to rethink their role and what value to deliver, and what business models to use.

5G business models will be diverse and granular to fit very diverse needs and to enable value extraction from both extreme low cost and high performance use cases. Understanding of a new set of customers and value chains is imperative and operators need to build their strategy on who they want to serve and how.

We are working with multiple industries to build their connected businesses, gathering needs and insights that we bring to operators. In parallel we are continuously conducting research to support operators in building their 5G business strategies. In our recent report we foresee that operators can address a USD 582 billion global market opportunity leveraging 5G technology for industry digitalization.

Insights for 5G readiness

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Capture the 5G business potential

5G is expected to play a major role in industry digitalization. For telecom operators this is an USD 619 billion revenue opportunity by 2026. Learn more about the 5G business potential across 10 industries in the second edition of our report.

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5G Readiness Survey 2017

Where are operators on their journey to 5G? The result of our 2017 edition of the 5G Readiness survey shows how operators have progressed from last year in evaluating technology, creating their strategy, and building business models.

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Understanding the opportunities for operators in healthcare

5G will enable telecom operators to enter the healthcare value chain with new services and drive transformation with wearables, online consultations, and remote procedures. This will improve efficiency and meet consumer demands for greater convenience and freedom of choice, while bringing significant business potential for operators.

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Defining the connected industries of tomorrow


Cross Industry collaborations

We work with a large number of industries and academia partners in research and development projects. The purpose is to share knowledge and gain learnings on how next generation technology can be leveraged as an innovation platform when industries go digital. 

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Growing innovation in Tuscany

In Tuscany, Italy we are running a variety of research projects with local partners, to trial new technologies in cloud, robotics and big data, all supported by 5G. These groundbreaking tests will pave the way for new services in medicine, transportation, industry and agriculture.

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Faster to 5G

To capture the opportunities 5G enables, we are making it possible for operators to already today start introducing new services for 5G use cases based on network slicing. With new services like IoT emerging there is no need to wait to start testing new business models and create new revenue streams.

The journey to 5G requires a holistic approach across technology, offerings, business models and organization. Our virtualized network core combined with the strongest radio portfolio and a complete end to end operations and management platform provides a strong base for for building the new 5G business models. By combining our business consulting arm with our deep expertise of network design and operations we can make your 5G business come alive on an operational level already now.

5G platform


5G platform

Introducing our 5G platform for the first movers in 5G, the first completely end-to-end solution that combines core and radio solutions in 5G to enable new opportunities and use cases.

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Ericsson Radio System reaches new heights

With two new 5G Radios, AIR 6488 and AIR 5121 that, together with the AIR 6468, launched 2016, give us a complete portfolio of 5G radios for Massive MIMO with new mid-band and high-band versions. These Radios will support the 5G NR standard as we go forward to 5G.

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Ericsson 5G Core System

With the Ericsson 5G Core System we have built an architecture that is highly flexible, modular, and scalable. It supports a much higher degree of programmability and is ready to exist in a cloud-based environment. We help you to quickly react to new challenges and capture any business opportunity that arise.

Learn from the world’s most successful operators

What makes a mobile operator successful? We have found that Frontrunners have common traits and different strategies in ways they approach the market and run their operations. These traits and strategies form the core of the Growth Codes.

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