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Small cell deployments are popping up worldwide as operators begin to see the value of boosting connectivity both indoors and outdoors. These small cells are delivering superior connectivity to areas previously underserved by the macro network, enabling subscribers to receive a seamless, robust service wherever they are. Because, really, it’s all about the end user experience.

Network performance drives consumer loyalty – and operators worldwide need to be aware and plan for gaps in their service where the macro network is unable to reach. Small cells offer a cost-effective and timely solution to deliver the needed performance.

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Infographic: Capitalizing on the Indoor Opportunity

What is the opportunity for indoor small cells? Find out in our infographic

Taking off at Jakarta Airport

Case Study: XL Axiata: Taking off at Jakarta Airport

Learn how XL Axiata boosted their indoor connectivity over 300% with Ericsson Small Cells 

Connected bus stop

Reusing Existing Infrastructure for New Small Cell Sites

Small cells can be installed in existing infrastructure, deploying easily in lamp posts, bus stops, information kiosks, and billboards. Learn more here. 

Small Cell Portfolio

Ericsson’s Small Cell Portfolio

Learn more about Ericsson’s world leading small cell portfolio. Offering you high performing options for both indoor and outdoor deployments. 

Two men looking at tablet device

Small Cells as a Service

Learn more about how Ericsson can help operators in their go-to-market model targeting and growing new revenue streams

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