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Driving user satisfaction, loyalty and revenue

Improving network performance has been shown to have a real and significant impact on user satisfaction, loyalty and revenue.

Performance - Financial results

These findings were backed up by the real-life example of one southeast Asian operator (Operator A in the chart below) whose mission is to offer the best possible mobile broadband experience. By rolling out higher-speed mobile broadband capabilities around two years ahead of its competition – and maintaining that gap – this operator has consistently increased its market share over the past five years and enjoyed significantly better financial performance than its rivals.

Performance - Financial results


Other ways in which mobile operators are building market-leading network and financial performance include:

  • focusing on the performance of apps that are most important to users in order to boost satisfaction, net promoter score (NPS) and retention
  • launching new ‘out of the box’ offerings, such as mobile routers (‘bring your own office’) and services through fixed wireless access (FWA), that create new revenue sources
  • launching iconic video services or devices in partnership with content providers to build new revenue sources and increase NPS.

Consumer insights

Experience shapes mobile customer loyalty

Understanding the impact of connectivity experience on smartphone user’s loyalty to their operator.

ConsumerLab reports

Ericsson ConsumerLab has 20 years’ experience in consumer values and behavioral research. Our reports provide consumer insight and can help operators to develop attractive revenue-generating services.