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End-to-end portfolio for IoT connectivity

Our end-to-end portfolio for IoT connectivity helps telecom operators to introduce diverse, optimized IoT services fast to the market, enabling the best-possible financial return i.e. providing the lowest total cost of ownership while building new revenues streams.

Our portfolio consists of flexible radio and core network solutions, a device connection platform and network services. They build on the existing cellular networks, inheriting rich functionality and capabilities of reliability, security, and scalability while securing the evolution to 5G.

Ericsson’s cellular Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology for IoT, including NB-IoT, Cat-M1 and EC-GSM-IoT, is enabling mobile networks around the world to support massive numbers of devices, while our 5G technology will deliver increased capacity for massive IoT use cases as well as unprecedented performance for critical IoT scenarios.

Massive IoT RAN products are SW features enabling NB-IoT, Cat-M1 and EC-GSM-IoT to support the new class of IoT use cases requiring superior coverage, long battery life, and low-cost devices. In all three cases, the Ericsson offering enables extensive reuse of site assets such as radio and modern baseband units, as well as pooling of computational resources.

Diversifying Cellular for Massive IoT

Read about our complete cellular LPWA solution that can deliver reliable, secure and diverse IoT services leveraging existing network infrastructure.

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IoT core network portfolio including Evolved Packet Core or Virtual Evolved Packet Core and Unified Data Management provides connectivity, mobility, subscription and policy management for Massive and Critical IoT. Our solution also supports the new class of IoT use cases requiring superior coverage, long battery life, and low-cost devices. It enables both a common core for mobile broadband and IoT services as well as a dedicated core with an IoT slice optimized for IoT services. It supports NB-IoT, Cat-M1 and EC-GSM-IoT with the reliability, scalability, security and real-time analytics needed for the growth of IoT and services.

Network Slicing

Read how network slicing enables flexibility, as it allows multiple logical networks to be created on top of a common shared physical infrastructure. Learn also more about network slicing using Virtual Evolved Packet Core for optimized IoT as a step towards a 5G core architecture.

Building network of things

Learn how the Ericsson Unified Data Management solutions help network operators to address the IoT challenges on connectivity, security, adaptability and analytics to implement a profitable IoT strategy.

Ericsson Device Connection Platform provides telecom operators access to a cloud service from Ericsson which allows them to design, launch and evolve managed IoT connectivity offerings towards enterprises requiring cellular connectivity. The platform provides enterprises full control and automation capabilities to handle the connectivity for their IoT devices. By cooperating with the continuously growing number of operators connected to the Ericsson Device Connection Platform, telecom operators can also address the needs for global enterprises since the platform gives the enterprise a unified service experience for their entire device fleet across operators.

Ericsson Device Connection Platform

Learn about the quickest and simplest way to add IoT and managed connectivity to your product portfolio – without any financial risk.

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Ericsson network services, empowered by our Engineered Intelligence approach, help telecom operators to meet evolving IoT business opportunities and requirements on networks quickly. Combining Artificial Intelligence technologies, people expertise and new processes we transform customer operations from reactive to proactive, preventing 70% of the severe incidents through our support, and running full automated IoT incident discovery for 80% of the cases including root cause analysis in our managed services network operations center (NOC).

Transformation partner for proactive operations

Successful operations transformation from reactive to proactive requires both analytics insights and a strong partner to work with on the journey. Read more about Preemptive Support

Machine learning incident analysis

Ericsson Managed Services handles IoT devices growth efficiently with artificial intelligence solutions in the NOC. Early operational deployments show 80% of all IoT incidents are uncovered by machine learning only.

More about our offerings:

All Ericsson solutions draw on our long technology and services leadership, global presence, industry commitments and innovations – including IoT standardization and partnerships throughout the ecosystem.