Massive MIMO increasing capacity and spectral efficiency

Massive MIMO has been launched to improve spectral efficiency in a bid to ramp up network capacity and data throughput for end users, by enlarging network capacity.

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From cell centric to user centric with beamforming

Massive MIMO with beam forming improves the end user experience by significantly increasing network capacity and coverage while also reducing interference. This is done by increasing the effectiveness of the transmission.  Sending out radio waves as highly focused beams delivers a stronger radio signal, with a higher data throughput for greater distances. This is also an ideal solution to increase capacity in congested areas -- especially when adding another frequency band isn’t really an option. The Massive MIMO antenna array with a large number of steerable ports enables beam forming,  which means that radio signals and information are sent directly to the device instead of broadcasting across the entire cell.  This has the added benefit of also reducing radio interference across the cell, resulting in a more enjoyable user experience.

Massive MIMO beamforming

Massive MIMO 16 Layer

Discover how Ericsson Massive MIMO increases network capacity by transmitting the optimal number of data layers needed to give the smartphone user the best data experience. Recent field demonstration doubles from 8 to 16 data layers that can be simultaneously transmitted, increasing the number of smartphone users which can download data at the same time.

Massive MIMO: solutions for different scenarios when evolving to 5G

Massive MIMO is already available for LTE and is organic to 5G. The features and configuration options providing the most cost-effective benefits will depend on the deployment scenario – more specifically, on building height, coverage area and traffic characteristics. So, it’s critically important to understand the environment and choose the radio configuration according to your specific case requirements.

Read the white paper: Advanced antenna systems for 5G

Discover how finding the optimal AAS structure affects the efficiencies and performance gains of Massive MIMO.

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Case: Massive MIMO brings high-speed mobile internet to football fans

More than 1.5 million football fans were expected to descend on 11 cities in Russia to cheer on their national teams at last year’s global soccer tournament. To cater for this vast influx of supporters, MTS partnered with Ericsson  was to give visitors could experience high-speed mobile internet in and around the tournament venues.

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Massive MIMO on Ericsson Radio System

Ericsson is at the forefront of Massive MIMO, with first-mover operators already deploying the technology as they evolve their networks from 4G to 5G.
Ericsson Radio System portfolio includes a wide range of products supporting Massive MIMO technology for mid-band, high-band, TDD and FDD systems. Each of these radio products targets different deployment needs and scenarios, like adding more macro sites on facades or light poles, or by cost-efficiently increasing capacity on existing sites.



Delivering Massive MIMO

Award winning massive MIMO at MWC

Discover our award winning 5G High-band Massive MIMO - winner of “Best Mobile Network Infrastructure” at the Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO) 2019.

Massive MIMO trial with Etisalat

Learn how Etisalat and Ericsson successfully have conducted a live on-air trial of Ericsson Radio System and Massive MIMO technology in the United Arab Emirates, paving the way towards 5G deployment.


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