5 key operational principles identified amongst the most successful operators globally.

What are the strategic operational choices that make operators successful? Ericsson together with Ernst & Young has carried out a study to find out what makes successful operators more capital efficient and profitable, thus outperforming the market. As the strategic ICT partner of choice for many operators, we’re really looking forward to sharing these insights and discussing the 5 principles in more detail to continue driving sustainable growth for our industry.

The five Operational Principles

By looking into operational performance, we have identified more than 10 of the most successful operators around the world – named Operational frontrunners – which have the ability to run operations more efficiently than others to enable higher profitability, and by doing so, outperform the market.

These Operational Champions share a mindset that challenges convention and enables them to utilize their operations as a differentiator in their business. Operational performance is Ericsson’s seventh Growth Code.

The five operational principles are:

  1. Experience centric: Align operations across all levels to measure and manage performance based on experience-centric KPIs.
  2. Simplification: Reduce complexity to decrease cost and enhance revenues
  3. Asset Smart: Work intelligently with your assets. Optimize cost and capital efficiency based on positioning and strategy
  4. Organizational leverage: Realize synergies by working cross-functionally, cross businesses and by sharing knowledge across the organization.
  5. Collaboration: Gaining competitive advantage by leveraging strong partnerships, strengthening innovation and reducing time to market.