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The Codes

Successful operators show remarkably similar behaviors in seven key areas.

There is no single recipe for success across the industry. But we found that the operators who have most successfully turned the extraordinary demand for mobile data of the past few years into profitable revenue growth – the mobile broadband Frontrunners – show remarkably similar behaviors in seven key areas. We call these seven common traits Growth Codes.

Rather than specify a single recipe for success, they represent a consistent approach taken by Frontrunners to generating profitable data growth in their own markets.

The codes

Linking strategies to codes

The use and emphasis of the different Growth Codes varies for each strategy. Frontrunners will place higher importance on some codes but will also complement them with others.

Offering-led transformation

Offering-led transformation

Frontrunners applying an offering-led strategy focus on being first on the market with innovative offerings. They focus heavily on the Monetization Code whilst relying heavily on ecosystems, and leverage and build upon over-the-top (OTT) players to gain differentiation. Network Strategy is an integral part of their overall strategy to optimize performance to match their offerings.

Market-led adaption

Market-led adaption

Frontrunners applying a market-led strategy emphasize the ability to understand, measure and manage customer needs and experience. Focusing on the User Experience Code, they are quick to adapt to changing market conditions with an ability to create segmented, targeted and value-capturing matching their brand position.

Quality-led progression

Quality-led progression

Frontrunners applying a quality-led strategy create a competitive advantage through the Network Strategy Code by building a substantial and measurable network performance advantage over their competitors. This is coupled with their Brand Positioning with clear user benefits in a simple and understandable manner. Frontrunners using this strategy will partner with organizations that share a similar innovative mindset, which refers to the Strategic Partnering Code.

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Growth Codes

How successful operators across the world are leveraging the ever evolving demand for mobile data services.

The strategies

By investigating Frontrunners´ differentiation, customer, market and product scope, as well as their approaches to technology and operations, three different strategies can be distinguished.

The Growth Codes Dashboard

The Growth Codes Dashboard provides both a structure and a benchmarking tool to examine your own business and compare your own business performance with the Frontrunners or peers.

Monetizing data, today and into 5G

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