The Growth Codes dashboard

A digital tool for evaluating, comparing, benchmarking and strategy development.


Whilst the Frontrunners make use of all the Growth Codes, they tend to place a larger focus on a subset of these, depending on the growth strategy they apply. To give a better understanding of how the codes are applied, we have developed a dashboard including a set of indicators and KPIs – the Growth Codes Dashboard.

The Growth Codes Dashboard is a digital tool providing benchmarking capabilities and a structure to work together with Ericsson to examine your own business, develop strategies and identify actions for improvement. With it, you can compare yourself over time against peers, Frontrunners and competitors. Take a snapshot, compare and follow up progress over
time across all indicators and KPIs.

The Growth Codes dashboard

Key benefits

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Understand challenges

Operators’ performance is benchmarked against the industry.

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Discover solutions

The result creates a heat map over areas of improvement.

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Improve over time

Track progress over time against up-to-date data.

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Growth Codes

How successful operators across the world are leveraging the ever evolving demand for mobile data services.

The Strategies

By investigating Frontrunners´ differentiation, customer, market and product scope, as well as their approaches to technology and operations, three different strategies can be distinguished.

The Codes

Operators who have most successfully turned the extraordinary demand for mobile data services of the past few years into profitable revenue growth show remarkably similar behaviors in seven key areas.

Monetizing data, today and into 5G

By researching the equivalent of 800 million consumers and what they want and need from operators in today’s environment and into 5G, we have come up with 6 Calls to Action that all operators should look into and deliver on.

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