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Neurometric Analysis

Network performance shapes usage behavior for smartphone users, but it is difficult to quantify how consumers really feel when performance does not meet their expectations. Responses to traditional methods of data capture can be misleading, due to factors such as predetermined opinions and outsider influences. This is about to change.

With Ericsson Neurometric Analysis, we can go beyond just what consumers claim to think; by analyzing subconscious and neurological responses, we can reveal what they really feel when they have a good or bad app experience in the network.

Tapping into the mind of the consumer

Using the latest neuroscience technology, Ericsson is able to capture the subconscious and neurological reactions of smartphone users, establishing how variations in network and app performance impact consumer feelings, emotions and, eventually, brand health and advocacy.

This innovative new research method monitors and records real emotional reactions to network performance using state-of-the-art electroencephalography (EEG) and eye-tracking equipment. Users’ heart rates are recorded simultaneously, in total capturing over 2.5 million data points across the user’s moment-by-moment responses to a range of predetermined network delay scenarios. 

Participants complete a series of smartphone tasks, such as uploading a selfie, watching a video online or loading a webpage. Unbeknown to the participant, network quality is manipulated among sample groups, causing varying levels of delay (low, medium and high) and analyzing responses to the differing user experiences.

Now commercially available to mobile network operators, Ericsson Neurometric Analysis enables more intelligent, targeted investment in network optimization. By focusing on key areas for development operators can better refine the end user experience, ensuring maximum return through improved net promoter scores.

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Intelligent insights into network performance

Ericsson Neurometric Analysis uses state-of-the-art technology to offer unprecedented insight into how users really feel about app experiences.

A new world of insight

The power of applied neuroscience

How better research creates better networks

Capturing brand new data with Vodafone Germany

We worked with Vodafone Germany to carry out the applied neuroscience solution, to optimize their network. The results offered unparalleled insights into its customer base, and gave Vodafone a precise indication on how best to optimize its network.

Guido Weißbrich, Director of E2E Network Performance & Optimization at Vodafone, said: “The study proves how quickly smartphone users become unsatisfied when a broadband network is not performing at its best. A mere one-second delay when downloading or uploading content has a significant negative impact on the user experience, so streaming services must do everything to avoid lengthy buffering or freezing of content.”

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The power of neuroscience

Ericsson Neurometric Analysis addresses the shortfall in modern consumer brand engagement research methods. The results reveal the truth of how consumers feel, allowing mobile operators to invest more intelligently and drive loyalty in their brand.

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Staying ahead of the curve

In order to protect brand value and drive customer loyalty, mobile operators and app and content providers must work together to fully understand the elements that impact user experience. This is crucial in order to optimize the network with a customer-focused approach.

The Neurometric Analysis method we have added to our App Experience Optimization service provides a truly unique tool for understanding the emotional impact of poor mobile web and video streaming performance – something that has previously proved extremely challenging, if not impossible. In collaboration with trusted partners, Ericsson is driving market research to gain a deeper insight into consumer behavior and perception as it relates to network performance, in order to improve the app experience where it matters most to users.

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