A happy customer is a loyal customer but as customers constantly evolve – in their behavior, expectations and perception of their service performance – keeping them happy requires an experience-centric mindset by operators. Market-leading operators understand this and continually evolve their approach in gaining the needed insight and clarity of the user experience.

Understanding the total user experience involves more than just looking at network performance KPIs. It’s also looking at the bigger picture of how the app eco-system plays a role in your customers’ experience. Identifying those high-uptake app providers and collaborating with them is key. Take social networking uptake as an example. 46 percent of smartphone owners indicate that they are active on more than one social network with a forecasted social network traffic for the next 6 years to be 180 Exabyte’s of traffic**. Social networking apps such as Facebook and WeChat become a crucial piece to understanding your customers’ experience.

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Patience is a virtue, but not for customers

We are pioneering new approaches in gaining deeper insights and clarity of the user experience. We collaborate with leading operators and leading app providers to provide the true end to end view of performance. We’ve even brought in field research and neuroscience into the mix to better understand how variations in network performance impacts a customer’s experience and consequently customer loyalty. Jasmeet Singh Sethi, Senior Advisor with Ericsson Consumer Lab says “We wanted to replace assumptions about behavior with actionable information — particularly when it comes to video streaming,” Sethi says. “Users’ perception of network performance offered by their service providers is largely formed by their experience of watching video.”

According to the recent report,The Stress of Streaming – Video streaming delays are mentally taxing for smartphone users. There is a direct correlation between time-to-content and buffering delays and decreases in Net Promoter Scores. In the case of high mobile delays, customers begin to transfer some blame from the operator to the app provider. “The over-the-top players are perceived as an equal party in causing stress,” Sethi says. “So, when the user is frustrated, the entire industry takes a hit — not just the operators. These two parties have to work hand-in-hand on user experience.”

With the insights gained through our research and collaborations we are better able to help our customers choose the best technology solution. With a forecast of 4.1 billion new connections worldwide by the end of 2021, operators are challenged to efficiently scale their networks while ensuring great app coverage. Our newest hardware and software address these challenges through the delivery of Gigabit LTE and new software, radio and microwave products within the Ericsson Radio System. Our network optimization expertise with advanced methods can identify performance opportunities in the end to end network and optimize to meet specific local objectives. We can also support your operations in becoming experience-centric via our Managed Services engagement – Experience Centric Managed Services.

Change in NPS score for mobile service providers
Source: Ericsson ConsumerLab neuro research, 2015 Base: Smartphone users aged 18-52 from Copenhagen, Denmark

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