5G URLLC powered Critical IoT


Critical IoT - 5G URLLC an enabler for automation at Audi factories webinar recording

Learn more about how Ericsson and car manufacturers like Audi are finding new ways to enable real-time factory automation with 5G Critical IoT connectivity.

The manufacturing industry is evolving fast, and industry leaders such as Audi are searching for ways to stay ahead in their factories with increased flexibility in the production automation and assembly processes while also reducing personnel safety risks.

Since 2018, Ericsson and Audi are collaborating in pioneering in 5G for automotive manufacturing and have now taken factory to the next level with 5G’s most powerful Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication (URLLC) capabilities. 

At Ericsson, we believe that collaborations like this are essential for industry digitalization. Ericsson’s Critical IoT segment addresses time-critical communication needs across various industries, enabling innovative services for consumers and enterprises. Our customers and partners have an opportunity to transform every industry with 5G Critical IoT.