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Understanding Ericsson 5G Plug-Ins

5G will usher in a shift from the network-focused concept of cells to the user-focused concept of beams. Instead of sending out energy in all directions, beams concentrate the energy to send the signal more directly to the user. By doing this, 5G will deliver higher smartphones speeds and fiber-equivalent residential wireless connections, but it will also unlock exciting new IoT use case from immersive augmented reality to remote haptic-enabled surgery to connected cars and smarter cities. 5G will impact the entire mobile network and associated ecosystem, from devices to radio access to the mobile core and into the cloud. Ericsson 5G Plug-Ins address the radio access network and leverage the technology innovations enabled by the award-winning Ericsson 5G Radio Test Bed and Ericsson 5G Radio Prototypes already deployed and in operator 5G field trials worldwide.