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MS and NDO Summit 2018

As part of this year’s theme - Building Partnerships for Growth, we are focusing on factors connected to business growth. Both global leaders from other industries as well as leading thinkers and operator executives will share best practices, showcase how to unlock new business opportunities and more importantly, inspire you how to create value from your network and for your business – now, not just as a future possibility.

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Upcoming events

Join us at the 20th Edition of the MPLS + SDN + NFV World Congress, to be held 10-13 April 2018 in Paris. The efficient evolution from 4G to 5G & IoT provides a great challenge for the IP transport network, not only in terms capacity and but also in terms of flexibility to enable many new service classifications. A combination of microwave and fiber based transport in a progressively more virtualized and automated network is necessary to respond to the business demands of not only the broadband business, but the vertical markets beyond.
Transformative technologies for network operators that enhance the way you digitally engage with your customers, entirely automate your operations and create the levels of programmability, access and agility that digital natives call home.
The theme of the 2018 Ericsson Innovation Awards competition is 'The Future of Truth.' How will we find, validate and share truth in the age of ICT? This year's competition is underway, with talented student teams from around the globe striving to win the grand prize: a trip to Stockholm, an expert Ericsson mentorship, and a €25,000 grand prize! Join our live stream on May 17th at 5:00 pm GMT!