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Ericsson Response
Ericsson Response volunteers support end-to-end connectivity during missions on behalf of humanitarian partners, Kathmandu in Nepal, 2015.

Ericsson Response is a volunteer initiative that deploys employees and telecom equipment to support the UN and other humanitarian organizations in times of disaster. Ericsson Response provides communications expertise, equipment and resources in times of need. Today, about 150 Ericsson volunteers are active. The aim is to assist humanitarian relief organizations with communications technology and competence to contribute to a better and faster response to human suffering when disaster strikes.

Since the launch in year 2000, Ericsson Response has supported more than 40 relief efforts in more than 30 countries. The Ericsson Response team’s main tasks are to set up mobile networks for voice and data communication as well as supporting partners in training and knowledge sharing.


Haiti 2010

Haiti 2010
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Photo credit: WFP/ Rob Buurvel

South Sudan 2012

South Sudan 2012
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Photo credit: WFP/ Rob Buurvel

Facts & figures

Over the decade Ericsson Response has supported 40 different relief efforts in more than 30 countries.

About 150 Ericsson volunteers use their technical and project skills to deploy emergency communications systems, to support aid agencies, such as UN and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) workers in disaster relief and humanitarian efforts on the ground.

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