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Sustainable cities

A sustainable city is a city that is taking an intelligent, long-term collaborative approach to tackling the economic, social and environmental challenges that arise when more and more people come together in dense, compact areas, stretching already scarce resources.

Applicable across a vast array of industries, including automotive and transport, health, education and banking, sustainable city modeling solutions come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

With solutions based on connectivity provided by mobile broadband, sustainable cities can:

  • create jobs and drive GDP growth
  • optimize energy consumption
  • provide government e-services
  • increase business, consumer and organizations’ awareness of their impact on society
  • provide access to healthcare and education.

In this way sustainable cities deliver the building blocks for transforming societies into a low carbon economy with increasing socio-economic benefits, as citizens gain access to services and opportunities to improve their quality of life and financial outlook.

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