The Networked Society City Index report continues to explore the correlation between cities’ ICT maturity and their triple bottom line development.

As with the previous studies, this index continues to show a strong correlation between ICT maturity of the city and their social, economic and environmental progress. In this report, New York City tops the overall ranking followed by Stockholm, London and Singapore.

The Networked Society City Index aims to develop a comprehensive evaluation of cities’ ICT maturity and their triple bottom line development. Through a series of reports we have analyzed 25 urban areas around the world from a city, citizen, and now, business perspective.

Patrik Regårdh from Ericsson’s Networked Society Lab says: "We see the individual – rather than city institutions or businesses – as the drivers of development resulting from ICT maturity. Governments follow by adapting to citizens’ changing behavior, while businesses primarily adopt ICT innovations to increase internal efficiency. More importantly, government decisions help steer the business sector’s ICT development. Therefore, changes in policy, regulation and planning, paired with research and support for taking risks and funding, are some of the key factors for driving progress. These factors are crucial in helping organizations of all sizes to connect, collaborate and compete more effectively."

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