As connected devices become increasingly common in our homes, new, more personalized ways of consuming media will become an important source of revenue for our customers.

With enhancements to the delivery of cloud and video-on-demand services, our customers now have the opportunity to improve quality of experience for consumers while tailoring their services for specific applications and devices. Ericsson recently announced a new Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) which uses existing copper and fiber-access infrastructure to provide high-quality, personalized broadband services, specifically for smart homes.

Gabriel Brown, a senior analyst at Heavy Reading, says: “With the ever greater diversity of media, content, and communications being consumed in the home, operators should be able to profit from improved service-delivery capabilities. Service differentiation over high-bandwidth residential connections has great commercial potential. For example, ensuring that the performance needs of a new real-time application are met, or optimizing delivery of media for a variety of device types, are both monetization opportunities.”

Enhancing the delivery of cloud and video-on-demand services to different device types is a top design priority in the new BNG, which runs on the Smart Service Router (SSR) 8000 family of products. Personalization of service delivery is a natural evolution of today’s high-speed internet services and is increasingly viewed as an important revenue-generating capability by operators.

Türk Telekom, a leading tier-1 operator which operates a large Ericsson Broadband Remote Access Server farm, has said that it is interested in testing the new BNG capabilities: “We are currently testing the SSR 8020’s routing capabilities and are very happy with the results. We shall begin testing the BNG functionality on the SSR 8020 in the very near future.”

Ericsson introduced the industry’s first Subscriber Management Service (SMS) platform about 15 years ago and has since then been at the forefront of technology innovation and commercial leadership in this area.