A Nobel Prize is regarded by many as the crowning achievement that an individual can achieve in their career. As this year’s recipients prepare to receive their awards they, like all Nobel Laureates, have something else in common - innovation. Promoting innovation, knowledge-sharing and inspiration is why Ericsson is proud to partner Nobel Media.
Nobel Prizes 2012: Ericsson partners with Nobel Media to promote innovation

Given the massive global media coverage of the annual announcement of the Nobel Prizes in October, and presentation of awards in December, one could be forgiven for not knowing that the work of the Nobel institutions is a year-round affair.

Nobel Media is one such body. Aside from its communication responsibilities during the announcements and Nobel Prize events in December, it is tasked with spreading knowledge and inspiration about Nobel-Prize-awarded achievements through information, short films and documentaries, distributed though digital and broadcast media, publishing and events.

Audiences around the world learn about how Alfred Nobel, the Swede who invented dynamite, wanted his legacy to recognize and support achievements in arts and sciences that improve and advance humankind.

Through Nobel Media’s outreach activities they also learn how current and past Laureates’ achievements have contributed to society and what can be achieved through education, innovation and creativity.

Ola Rembe, Ericsson’s Vice President of Corporate Communications and Public Relations, says the company fully supports such objectives.

"The importance of innovation is also to the forefront at Ericsson," he says. "We know the difference it can make and how it can improve society in different parts of the world.

"That’s just one reason why we are proud to support the outreach work of Nobel Media and the aims of the initiatives it drives."

Camilla Hyltén-Cavallius, CEO of Nobel Media, says: "Ericsson has been a dedicated partner in supporting Nobel Media’s projects to spread knowledge and to inspire global audiences with the Nobel Laureates’ awarded achievements and stories, and we truly appreciate this continued partnership."

This year’s Laureates – Serge Haroche and David J Wineland (Physics); Mo Yan (Literature); European Union (Peace); Robert J Lefkowitz and Brian K Kobilka (Chemistry); Sir John B Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka (Physiology or Medicine); and Alvin E Roth and Lloyd S Shapley (Economic Sciences) will join one of the most illustrious and exclusive clubs in history when they receive their awards in Stockholm and Oslo.

Across the 112 years of the awards some of the most famous names in history have become Nobel Laureates. Communications pioneers were among the early winners with Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi named joint 1909 Physics Laureate "in recognition of contributions to the development of wireless telegraphy."

In 2011, Ericsson teamed-up with 1996 Chemistry Laureate, Harry Kroto, as part of its Networked Society Forum (NEST) event in Hong Kong.

At last year’s awards Ericsson spoke to 2011 Chemistry Laureate Dan Schechtman about the positive impact of ICT.

As millions around the world tune in to the 2012 Nobel Prize ceremonies, Ericsson is proud that some of the global audience has gained knowledge of the Nobel Prizes thanks to the partnership between Ericsson and Nobel Media.