Diversity within the Ericsson workforce has been highlighted by job hunters at a careers fair in Budapest, Hungary, as one of the most attractive elements of the company.

More than 10,000 students, graduates and professionals seeking a change of career attended the event at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics – regarded as being among the top recruitment fairs in Hungary.

The fair is one of many attended by Ericsson around the world as part of the company’s drive to attract the best young, innovative and professional talent.

The Ericsson stand was one of the most popular at the fair, with enquiries not confined to students, graduates or young professionals studying, or qualified in, engineering. Architecture, environmental science, psychology, economics, programming and food science were among the areas of expertise of visitors to the stand.

Many of them had positive opinions of Ericsson as an employer – often based on advice and references from friends who have been recently employed by the company.

Diversity was highlighted by many attendees as an important factor in deciding which companies they wanted to work for. Ericsson had a good reputation in this regard among the job hunters – both in terms of age and cultural diversity.

We asked some of the attendees for their views on Ericsson and diversity.

Nikoletta Nagy

Nikoletta Nagy, Psychology graduate and Economics student: "My goal is to work in HR for a multinational company, so that I have opportunities to develop my career and travel.

"A friend of mine really enjoys working at Ericsson’s R&D site in Budapest. I plan to apply for a position because Ericsson has a great reputation, and my friend says it’s a good place to work."

Márk Kovács

Márk Kovács, Electrical Engineering student: "I’m interested in expanding my understanding and knowledge of networks. I learned more about the company at an Ericsson R&D open day in Budapest.

"Working in an environment where everybody thinks the same can become stale. Having a mix of people with different backgrounds is important because it helps stimulate new ways of working."

Lehotay Terézia, Environmental Science graduate: "It would be good to be able to work in different countries and cultures, even for six months at a time, because the employee can bring new ideas to benefit the company."

András Kóródy

András Kóródy, Economics graduate: "I would really like to work in a diverse workplace because I want to learn more about other cultures. Having more people from different backgrounds can also mean more creativity in solving problems."

András Nagy

András Nagy, Electrical Engineering student: "Diversity in age is important, for example, because young people can learn from someone older. Electrical engineering, my area of study, is something you cannot just learn in a classroom. Experience can only come after years of collaborating with senior people."

Horráth Valentin

Horráth Valentin, Electrical Engineering student: "The most important thing for me when looking for an employer is the opportunity to work in teams with people with different backgrounds and different areas of expertise."

Boglárka Fekete

Boglárka Fekete, Dietician: "Having a diverse role and working with a variety of people are things I consider when applying for jobs."