If further evidence were needed of the development of mobile broadband, it is provided in the first interim update for Ericsson’s Traffic and Market Data Report, with data in the monitored networks rising by 18 percent during a single three-month period in 2011. Some 60 percent of the world’s population also now has a mobile subscription.

These statistics are tasters of some of the data and findings featured in the interim report – now available to download as a pdf. The update contains bullet-point information on data growth, mobile subscriptions (with a regional breakdown), voice traffic and smartphone ownership.

For several years, Ericsson has been conducting measurements and collecting data in a large number of networks around the world. As we move towards the Networked Society, we believe this data has become more important than ever in helping all stakeholders prepare for and shape an all-connected world.

In November 2011, we shared our findings, trends and analyses through the first Traffic and Market Data Report. That report attracted a lot of media and industry interest. This interim report is the first update. Ericsson expects to release the next full edition of the report during the second half of Q2, 2012.

Read the interim update (PDF): Traffic and Market Data Report: On the pulse of the Networked Society

Read the November 2011 report (PDF): Traffic and Market Data Report: on the pulse of the Networked Society