The second article in our LTE article series highlights the range of services available within the umbrella of Ericsson’s LTE offering. The article includes customer references.

Experience is invaluable when getting high-performance commercial LTE networks up and running

Rolling out new mobile network technology is never a simple task. When that new technology needs to interact seamlessly and efficiently with existing radio technologies, the task is even more complex – especially when commercial pressures to deliver a superior user experience are so intense.

This is why operators deploying LTE are turning to Ericsson not only for the new network technology itself, but also for a number of services that encompass market-leading experience and expertise in getting high-performance LTE services to market on time and on budget.

Ericsson services for LTE include everything from consulting – through systems integration and managed services – to network deployment and integration, education and support services.

We established market-leading expertise in rolling out new LTE networks when we built the world’s first live LTE network, with TeliaSonera in Sweden in 2009. This gave us a head start in understanding the real-world issues involved in deploying LTE in tandem with existing systems in a live commercial network.

The early knowledge gained about the processes, methodologies and tools required to get the technology up and running successfully has been encompassed in the services that we now offer to operators around the world.

One of the first operators to order managed services for LTE from Ericsson was TDC in Denmark, in 2010. By tapping into Ericsson’s existing experience and expertise in LTE deployment, TDC potentially saved many months of preparation work related to establishing new skills and processes internally.

Other operators, such as Verizon and MetroPCS in the US, are benefiting from our LTE optimization expertise, which is being used to ensure that LTE works successfully with their existing 2G and 3G networks, delivering a seamless user experience. Getting all three networks to work in harmony requires detailed end-to-end knowledge and skills that few operators have the resources to develop in-house.

To support MetroPCS in its goal of becoming the first operator to offer a feature-rich 4G network in the US, Ericsson worked with the operator to establish new ways of working that would ensure the right tools, processes and resources were available to roll out LTE in a timely, cost-efficient way. This included setting up a dedicated Network Integration Center to provide remote integration support around the clock.

For Metro PCS, the result has been the timely launch of LTE in 12 regional markets within one year, along with simplified network architecture that has driven down costs. Malcolm Lorang, CTO and Co-Founder of MetroPCS, is happy with the results of the project: “The responsiveness we see from the Ericsson staff is greatly appreciated. They are willing to work with us and go the extra mile. It’s a very valuable partnership for both of us.”

Ericsson’s LTE services also help deliver an outstanding user experience through smartphone audits. We regularly work with device manufacturers to ensure that new models perform optimally in tandem with new network features, for example.

Delivering a consistent user experience for LTE is not just about the handsets and radio network, of course. It also requires end-to-end understanding of how various IP nodes across the network interact. Ultimately, Ericsson’s services for LTE provide one essential ingredient for successful commercial rollout and superior user experience: confidence.