As we move toward the Networked Society, operators the world over are turning toward LTE to meet the demands of users in an all-connected world. A recent five-part Ericsson article series, which takes a closer look at LTE-related subjects of interest to operators, has been packaged into a handy brochure called "LTE: A global success story.

The twelve-page PDF publication starts with a look at one of the fundamental tenets of LTE: why good user experience requires and demands an end-to-end ecosystem approach.

Other articles focus on:

  • The range of services available within the umbrella of Ericsson’s LTE offering, including customer references.
  • The history of the technology, from its development in 2004 to its role as the world’s leading 4G solution.
  • The performance improvements end users notice in speed, quality and reliability of services from the moment their subscriptions are activated in an LTE network.
  • Ericsson’s dedication to continual development of the technology through research and development, consumer understanding, standardization, and working directly with customers to meet specific needs.

Download brochure