Where is the digital society taking us? At SIME London 2012, Ericsson is joining the discussion about where our world is heading.

New technology is connecting everything and everyone, creating opportunities for people, business and governments around the world. The SIME conferences provide a top-level venue for leading thinkers to examine the trends, possibilities and challenges facing us all in the Networked Society.

As a co-founder of the London SIME event , Ericsson will share its understanding of how ICT is changing our world. Ericsson President and CEO Hans Vestberg will give a keynote address focusing on how the Networked Society is already a reality, how we can spread its benefits more quickly, and the opportunities it opens up for people, business and society.

Several Ericsson experts will also share their insights and views on the trends that will redefine the digital space in the near future, and discuss what a society with more than 50 billion connected devices will mean for us all.

SIME is northern Europe’s largest event for digital opportunities, and this year has grown to include invitation-only events in Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Barcelona, Spain; London, UK; Stockholm, Sweden and Vienna, Austria. Since 1995, it has helped set the agenda for a digital world.