In just two weeks, world-famous DJ and producer Avicii has received more than 8,700 sound submissions, from 3,600 artists in more than 100 countries all over the world. Sounds on the site have been played a half-million times by people in response to a unique collaborative music project called ’Avicii x You’, inviting fans worldwide to contribute to his next song. In collaboration with Ericsson, the project is showing how the Networked Society enables innovation and business transformation.

Using today’s social technology, the worldwide music collaboration has contributors from all over the globe, including countries such as Korea, Colombia, Mauritius, Iceland and Kenya.

"I’m amazed at the number of contributions already, still so early in the project. There is so much talent in the world, and it’s great to be a part of bringing it all together," says Avicii. "We’ve already collected thousands of melodies and basslines, next up is beat and rhythms and I’m very excited to see how it’s all coming together."

Real-time connectivity between people, places and things enables new ways of doing business and accessing entertainment in what Ericsson describes as the networked society. The entertainment industry has proven success in embracing new models, beginning with digital distribution. This project is a prime example that now takes a further step into creation and production.

The six-week project began globally on January 9. Avicii acts as an executive producer, curating content like the bassline, effects, melody, rhythms, and vocals from contributors. Today beat/rhythm opens for submissions followed by breaks and effects.

Each week participants are able to vote on the selected finalists picked by Avicii. The upload and voting process will continue until submissions for all categories have been collected and voted on. Avicii will then create the world’s first "crowdsourced" song, with a release date February 26, 2013 at Mobile World Congress.

"The momentum created by this project so far is a testament to the global nature of the Networked Society," says Arun Bhikshesvaran, Chief Marketing Officer at Ericsson. "We see that music touches us on every level – from the personal to the professional. This project will lead us to new conversations on business models and innovation with both existing and potential customers."