Today, over half of the global population lives in cities and the growth of urban areas is predicted to continue. 45 percent of people living in cities today own a smartphone and a large share of mobile data traffic is already being generated in metro areas. City people rely on their devices to ease the challenges of everyday life, and having good mobile coverage is now ranked among the top five satisfaction factors in cities. However, in many cities around the world, app coverage is surprisingly limited.

The majority of mobile traffic originates in cities and urban users expect instant, reliable access to their apps, wherever they go. In the same time, it is in these urban environments that the challenge to provide a good connection is the greatest, particularly for mobile data, the so called "app coverage". App coverage is the probability that the network will deliver sufficient performance to run a particular application at an acceptable level of quality. As city people have high expectations on app performance app coverage becomes key. Providing a good user experience will always involve a balancing act between networks, devices and apps.

App coverage in the cities