Smartphone users were asked about their interest in, and the potential development of, 18 new services relating to important aspects of city life. The findings are presented in a ConsumerLab report.

The fast global uptake of smartphones was a market transformation. But smartphone owners have now entered a phase of rapidly diversifying use where they look for apps across all industries. In just three years the mass market will be unrecognizable compared to where we are today. Cities will also need to evolve to accommodate the demand for connectivity, leading to fundamentally different environments in which we live and work.

Previous ConsumerLab research highlighted key areas of city life that citizens are satisfied with, including: shopping, restaurants/cafés, and entertainment/leisure. It also pinpointed areas that they are dissatisfied with, such as care, communication with authorities, and traffic.

The report focuses on understanding what role ICT plays in satisfaction and dissatisfaction with city life. Ericsson has developed 18 service concepts, in order to study how consumers predict future growth patterns for ICT across all key areas.

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