Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Director Earth Institute at Columbia University discusses how ICT will transform education in all parts of the world.

Sachs also discusses how ICT is a vital tool for our times and how a study that the Earth Institute carried out to .understand how ICT can support education in schools in Uganda and in Kenya. The ICT in Education Study has worked to deepen understanding of key facilitators, successes, challenges, and potential solutions to teachers’ adoption and integration

The one-year collaborative action research study 2012-2013 was conducted by a team of multidisciplinary experts from the Columbia University Teachers College, the Earth Institute at Columbia University, Kampala University, and University of Nairobi working together to understand the effects, opportunities and challenges of integrating Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into secondary education settings in rural sub-Saharan Africa for the purposes of improved quality teaching and learning. The study was conducted with funding and technical support from Ericsson.

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