Data Center Consolidation is fundamental to being prepared for the dramatic evolution in ICT technology, as well as fluctuating and unpredictable business demands. Avoiding the potential pitfalls is of course important, but there are also a wide range of corresponding benefits. Let’s look into both the risks and the benefits, and the guiding principles on how to do it right.

As industries become better geared to what customers want, there will inevitably be increasing pressure. CIOs will have a crucial role in dealing with the complexities, but also as a business enabler fostering growth. It’s a new role, with new challenges, such as fragmented IT systems spread over different locations. But efficiency simply requires simplicity. This needs to be acted upon. In many CIO offices, discussions and preparations for data center consoli-dation are already in motion.

But a piecemeal, unplanned or uncommitted approach to consoli¬dation is not the way forward. It has to be done. It has to be done right. And while data center consolidation may seem like a complex process with obvious risks and many potential pitfalls, it also carries a wide range of benefits – from immediate quick-wins, cost cuts and reduction of hassle, to long-term enhanced performance, business support and readiness for digital businesses of all kinds.

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