China Mobile and Ericsson have recently succeeded in fully verifying the UL CoMP (Uplink Coordinated Multipoint) in the TD-LTE (LTE TDD) trial network. The first vendor to introduce UL CoMP into TD-LTE globally. UL CoMP is one of the key technologies of LTE Advanced system.

China Mobile and Ericsson have recently succeeded in fully verifying the UL CoMP (Uplink Coordinated Multipoint) in the TD-LTE trial network, making Ericsson the first vendor in the world to introduce UL CoMP into TD-LTE, named LTE TDD in 3GPP standards.

The test results showed that in the cell edge areas, UL CoMP can achieve 50-100 percent uplink throughput gain.

UL CoMP is one of the key technologies of LTE Advanced system that can greatly improve network capacity and coverage, and thus improve user experience at cell edge. Through receiving and jointly processing signals from one terminal by multiple cells, UL CoMP efficiently enhances uplink signal strength and effectively suppresses interference from neighboring cells.

Implemented at the network side with no requirement on terminals or protocols, UL CoMP can be adopted by any type of LTE terminals. Since 2012, Ericsson has been cooperating with China Mobile on research and field tests to drive the further development of this technology, in TD-LTE networks in particular.

Mats H Olsson, Head of Region North East Asia said: "Ericsson is always striving to provide operators with superior network performance to support the continuous upgrading of user experience. Our achievement in leading the verification of UL CoMP in TD-LTE is another testament to our undisputed technology leadership in the field of LTE. We are proud that together with China Mobile, we have once again contributed to the further advancement of TD-LTE."

Currently, China Mobile is evaluating the network performance improvement brought by the introduction of UL CoMP to determine the priority of this technology in their future standard. Ericsson will continue to cooperate with China Mobile on further studies on how to apply UL CoMP in more scenarios.

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