Ericsson’s UNPLUG! campaign is all about rethinking mobile broadband. It’s about exploring new opportunities and finding fresh, profitable approaches to mobile broadband that drive value for people, business and society.

Over the past year, we’ve talked to customers all over the world about our UNPLUG! Logics – smart ways of creating mobile broadband value that are inspired by models from other industries. We started UNPLUG! by discussing business before moving onto technology – and we’ve had a great response. Now it’s time for the third phase of the campaign – it’s time to focus on growth.

Thanks to our discussions – as well as through our technology and services leadership and global customer engagements – Ericsson has identified a number of operators that are capitalizing on a changing marketplace and growing faster than their markets, driven by mobile broadband. We have found six common denominators for growth, or Growth Codes, shared by these operators – six areas where their approaches are better than anybody else in the industry.

The Growth Codes show how rethinking both mobile broadband and the role of operators can translate directly into profitable growth. We see that operators driven by bold, visionary and explorative mobile broadband strategies are turning data growth into revenue growth. These operators differentiate by balancing superior network performance and an innovative go-to-market strategy to reach profitable growth. Ericsson believes the industry can learn from these examples and that more operators can find success by adapting some of their approaches to these codes. The six Growth Codes are:

  • Gap Minding – making visionary investments
  • Streetwise Metrics – using experience-centric key performance indicators
  • Showcasing – introducing quality-led marketing
  • Unboxing – redefining subscriptions
  • Ecosystematic – committing to open-ended innovation
  • Co-Partnering – embracing visionary collaborations

The operators that are today delivering double-digit growth have very different starting points: they are leaders or challengers, active in mature or emerging markets, and focused on multi-play or mobile-only offers. But they share a common mindset about both mobile broadband and their roles as operators, and they seek new ways of challenging conventions to make connectivity more relevant to people, business and society.

They act proactively in all six areas, although their approach varies depending on market and position. Of course, other operators are active in many of these areas. However, the leaders have deployed all of them as part of an integrated mobile broadband strategy and use connectivity and customer experience as a differentiator. As a result, mobile data becomes an opportunity rather than a commodity and a key enabler for profitable growth.

UNPLUG! has been a great journey so far. We’ve seen how mobile broadband can empower people, business and society, and that we can rethink mobile broadband business models based on lessons from the leaders of our industry as well as other industries. We’ve also learnt that profitable, double-digit top-line growth driven by mobile broadband is possible. And it’s clear that the journey is only just beginning. It’s time to UNPLUG!

Download Growth Codes infographic