Ericsson releases new report showing adoption of the APT700 band is gaining widespread momentum across Asia Pacific and Latin America, potentially serving over 2.1 billion people – creating a global LTE band.

Starting in Asia, Ericsson has led the development and championed widespread acceptance of the APT700 band, creating a global LTE ecosystem opportunity, benefiting consumers and operators.

The superior propagation characteristics of digital dividend spectrum, made available through the re-framing and re-stacking of terrestrial broadcast TV spectrum, is gaining widespread attention and momentum across the world, specifically in Asia, Oceania and Latin America.

Operators need to continuously consider new, regionally harmonized spectrum bands to deal with the increasing demand in mobile broadband. APT700 is a rare opportunity to capitalize on spectrum freed up from the transition from analogue broadcast to digital broadcast TV, which is gradually occurring across the entire globe.

Of the three globally defined digital dividend bands, the APT700 plan has been the most widely adopted to date, serving a future market potential of over 2.1 billion people – and is expected to increase to 2.3 billion in the near future.

APT700 – A truly global LTE band